Coffee Products

As well as coffee, Portioli provides an excellent range of quality products to complement its coffee.






Velvet Coffee

Velvet is a silky, soft ice-cream like coffee dessert which can be enjoyed in its most simple of forms or dressed up with variations, espresso shot, choc shot, crushed amaretto biscuits, whipped cream, the lot, just to name a few.

It has been developed with the same energy and taste of a Portioli espresso. It is made only of the purest ingredients which have been correctly proportioned: just made with espresso coffee, fresh milk and cane sugar.

Coffee Tins

250g ground tins available in Decaffeinato and Bar blends.

Cacao (hot chocolate)

Rich, tempting full flavoured quality chocolate.

Available in the Cioccolato Gianduia 1kg jar.

Dolcezza Di Frolla (Biscuits)

A pastry biscuit with a cinnamon aftertaste to compliment your coffee break as an alternative to a chocolate. 300 pieces per carton.

Sugar Varieties

Sugar Envelopes:Portioli’s unique small sugar envelopes contain the finest kind of sugar. Each sachet contains 5gr of refined sugar. Available in 10kg carton

Cane Sugar: The purest cane sugar in useful one-dose small sachets, in its natural form. 150 sachets per pack.

Sweetener: An alternative to sugar which does not compromise on the taste of the espresso. 150 sachets per pack.